Anti-Radiation Maternity Cloth (Buy 1 Free 2) 孕妇防辐射服 (买一送二)


This Anti-radiation maternity cloth is tested to be 99.9% effective at shielding radiation from cell phones, laptops and other devices, greatly reduce baby’s exposure to wireless radiation. 屏蔽率99.9%,精测创新的金属纤维处理技术,从而加强致密度,纯度,沉积速率与附着率,让防辐射效果更强。

Protect your baby within against the risks of daily radiation,such as cell phone, wireless devices and other devices. 保护您的宝宝免受日常辐射的风险,如手机,无线设备和其他设备。
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Telephone radiation【电话辐射】
“Are you aware that telephone radiation has the greatest impact on the human brain, eyes, and reproductive system? The first 3 months of pregnancy is the embryo formation period. Prolong exposure to radiation, might lead to miscarriage, abnormal child organ development, or reduce mental development ?”.”你知道电话辐射对人的大脑,眼睛,生殖系统影响最大吗?怀孕的头3个月是胚胎的形成期,如果受到辐射,有可能导致流产,孩子正在发育的器官还可能产生异型,智力低下。。。这些你都知道吗?“

Using a computer for more than 20 hours per week【使用电脑每周超过20小时】
In 1988, American experts investigated the pregnancy development of 1583 pregnant mothers. It was found that during the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetal organ formation period, pregnant mothers engaged in computer operations more than 20 hours per week, has the highest probability of spontaneous abortion than that of a pregnant mother who is not engaged in computer operation. However, though would want to avoid such exposure, most pregnant mothers would still need to work with the telephone/computer which is almost impossible to avoid. 1988年,美国专家曾调查1583名孕妈妈的妊娠情况,结果发现,怀孕前3个月胎儿器官形成期,孕妈妈从事电脑操作每周超过20小时,发生自然流产的概率比未从事电脑操作的孕妈妈明显要高。可是要给肚子的宝宝保护的同时,孕妈妈还是需要工作。电话电脑的接触难以避免。不是吗?
Is there any way? If you can’t reduce the use, then be prepared for radiation protection!
那有什么办法呢? 如果不能减少使用,那就做好防辐射的准备啊!


Anti Radiation Maternity Cloth
The Colar Design 领部设计
Anti Radiation Maternity Cloth
Fine and delicate knitting 精致&细腻的针织
Anti Radiation Maternity Cloth
Zip Part 拉链部位

Anti Radiation Maternity Cloth


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Anti-Radiation Maternity Clothes Measurement:
Size L: Length衣长 76, Bust 胸围 106, Bottom Width下摆 136
Size XL: Length衣长 77, Bust 胸围 110,Bottom Width下摆 140
Size XXL: Length衣长 78, Bust 胸围 116,Bottom Width下摆 144



** Please remark your nursing bra size when checkout 记得备注你要的哺乳内衣尺码。
** Color send randomly 颜色随机发。
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Pink 粉色, Dark Blue 深蓝色

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Size L, Size XL, Size XXL


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