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【B3SM05】Wonderful Adjustable Rubber Band Sarong 可调节塑胶月子纱笼


100% cotton, adjustable rubber band Sarong, post-natal mommy does not need to worry about not knowing how to wear traditional Sarong! 100%纯棉,可调节塑胶裙头,产妇妈妈不必担心Sarong绑不好掉下来啦!



100% Cotton 纯棉
Adjustable Rubber Band 可调节塑胶裙头


Confinement Sarong 月子纱笼

Wear in maternity or post-natal period 孕期产后都能穿




Confinement Sarong 月子纱笼Adjustable Rubber Band 可调节塑胶裙头


Confinement Sarong 月子纱笼Free Size – buttock size up to 148cm
均码:臀围最大拉伸 148cm

Confinement Sarong 月子纱笼

WOW! Can fit 2 mommies in 1 dress!
哇! 足够宽松,穿得下2个妈咪哦!


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