【MB102】Moon-B Tartary Buckwheat Baby Pillows 苦荞果实婴儿枕 (Set of 3 3件套 )


Baby sleeps well, a mother has less trouble! The weather is hot and cold, sometimes baby wakes up at noon, wow ~ the pillows are sweaty! Stop choosing cotton pillows for your baby! Moon-B Buckwheat Baby Pillow has high elasticity and perfect support for baby’s cervical spine, it can also adjust the temperature automatically, it will become colder when the weather is hot, and warmer when the weather is cold! 宝宝睡得好,妈妈少烦恼! 天气时热时冷,baby有时候一个午觉醒来,哇~枕头都是汗!不要再选棉花枕了!Moon-B 苦荞壳婴儿枕弹性高完美支撑baby的颈椎,不怕影响baby的头部发育!还可以自动调节温度,天气热的时候会变凉一些,天气冷的时候还会变暖哦!

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Moon-B Buckwheat Baby Pillow

What so good about Tartary Buckwheat Baby Pillows?


Special 1: Tartary buckwheat husks are soft, not brittle, highly elastic, and breathable.

tartary buckwheat Moon-B Pillow

Special 2:Tartary buckwheat is purely natural and grows in alpine mountains.

tartary buckwheat Moon-B Pillow

Special 3:Tartary buckwheat naturally regulates temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer.

tartary buckwheat Moon-B Pillow


Special 4:Tartary buckwheat has a high shell rate, no dust, no impurities.

tartary buckwheat Moon-B Pillow


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1st Pillow (“DO”) : Help your baby have a good head shape

Moon-B Buckwheat Baby Pillow
2nd Pillow (“RE”) : Protect your baby from fright

Moon-B Buckwheat Baby Pillow

3rd Pillow (“MI”) : Your Baby’s side sleeper, reduce spillage.

Moon-B Buckwheat Baby Pillow

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Set of 3 Pillows 3件套婴儿枕, Set of 3 Pillows 3件套婴儿枕 + Exchangeable pillow cover 3个换洗套


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