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Breast pad is an essential item for leak control during breast feeding period. NDODO disposable breast pad uses super-absorbent polymer material, which can absorb and lock in excess breast milk, whilst the outer layer is a leak proof ventilated material which keeps the body and clothing clean and dry.

防溢乳垫,是哺乳期间为控制渗乳必不可少的用品,它内侧选用超强吸收的高分子质材,能吸收过量的母乳并将溢乳固定在内部,外侧是透气防水层,能保持内衣干爽。NDODO disposable breast pad is best for breastfeeding mothers! NDODO一次性防溢乳垫,对于哺乳妈妈十分适合!


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NDODO Disposable Breast Pad NDODO Disposable Breast Pad NDODO Disposable Breast Pad
NDODO Disposable Breast Pad


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How to choose a high-quality disposable breast pad?

Mothers need to take into account the following aspects while choosing disposable breast pads:

Strong absorption 吸收力强
It is best to choose a breast pad designed with “3D honeycomb surface”. It absorbs better and does not leak.
最好选择有“3D蜂窝表层” 的防溢乳垫。吸水性更强,不会渗漏。.

Must be soft and comfortable 要保证柔软舒适
A good anti-overflow breast pad will keep the breasts dry and does not stimulate the breasts after absorbing the spilled milk.

Has 2 anti-slip tapes 具有2条防滑胶带
This makes it easy to stick on the bra and does not slip away even after spilled milk absorption.

Ultra-thin packaging 超薄单片包装
Safe, hygienic and easy to carry. Environmental friendly.

Disposable breast pad 一次性的防溢乳垫
It is extremely easy to be infested with bacteria since the milk is rich with nutrients. These bacteria will attach to the breast pad, as such, the breast pad should only be used once to avoid breast infection which may further affect the baby.

NDODO Disposable Breast Pad

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