Postpartum Abdomen Belt (3 in 1)产后收腹带 (3件套)


Make full use of the confinement month to restore your body figure. The postpartum belly band is every mother’s best gift. Say no to out figures, prevent Visceroptosis, prevent muscle relaxation. 把握黄金月子期,产后收腹带产后妈妈必备。拒绝身材走样,预防内脏下垂,预防肌肉松弛。

Fabric 布料                       : Mixed Cotton 棉质 + Polyester 聚酯纤维 + Elastic Fiber 弹力纤维
Colour 颜色                      : Brown 肤色
Size 尺码                           : L, XL, XXL



How to wear the abdomen belt after delivery






Detail-ViewPostpartum Abdomen Belt


Postpartum Abdomen BeltPostpartum Abdomen BeltPostpartum Abdomen Belt
Postpartum Abdomen BeltPostpartum Abdomen Belt Postpartum Abdomen Belt

Highlights : 
1. Specifically designed to assist with discomfort associated with an enlarged abdomen in post-natal period. 专门用于协助产后期腹部肿大的不适。

2. Medical grade product, can be used after normal delivery or after Caesarean Section. 医用级产品,可在正常分娩后或剖腹产后使用 (包裹内附上使用步骤)。

3. Assists in returning to your pre-pregnancy shape. 协助恢复你的孕前形状。

4. Holds the tummy in, hence dramatically improving mobility, thus decreasing risk of post-natal health complications. 保持腹部,从而显着改善活动能力,从而降低产后健康并发症的风险。

5. Helps to tackle back and pelvis pain associated with delivery. 有助于解决与分娩相关的背部和骨盆疼痛。

6. Allow a full range of movement. 允许全方位的移动。

Strong elasticity 弹力强


maternity cloth Belly Belt



Additional information

Weight 350 g
Package 配套

1 set, 2 sets

Size 尺码

Size L, Size XL, Size XXL


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