TYT Confinement Herbal Bath with Ginger 老姜沐浴药材 (8 sachet x 40g)


The modern mummy’s answer to hygiene and cleanliness during her confinement period, with the added benefits of ginger.  现时代坐月子·妈妈保持卫生和清洁最方便的方法!

⭐️ Certified HALAL by JAKIM
⭐️ MAL registration number: MAL13115196T

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TYT Herbal BathAn average of 2 packs per day for confinement, 60 packs for 30 days (about 8 boxes)
坐月子平均每日2包,30天需要60包 (大约8盒)。

Benefits 好处:

⭐️️ Strengthens the body after childbirth 强化身体
⭐️️ Maintains overall health 维持健康
⭐️️ Gets rid of bloating 驱风
⭐️️ Increases strength and stamina 提升体力
⭐️️ Improves blood circulation 改善血液循环
⭐️️ Reduces swelling 消减轻微肿胀
⭐️️ Relieves pain 舒解疼痛
⭐️️ Warms up the body 驱除体寒

Product Details 产品相关:

⭐️️ Weight 40g per sachet
⭐️️ 8 sachets per Box
⭐️️ Certified Halal

Ingredients 成分:

TYT Confinement Herbal Bath   
European Verbena,  马鞭草                                                                Orientvine, 青风藤

TYT Confinement Herbal Bath    TYT Confinement Herbal Bath
Argy Wormwood,  艾叶                                                                       Motherwort, 益母草

TYT Confinement Herbal Bath 
Pomelo Skin,  柚子皮                                                                             Dry Ginder 干姜

Directions for Use 使用方法

We recommend sponging your body 6 days a week and taking a full-body bath on the 7th day. Use 1 sachet for sponging and 2 sachets for bathing.

1. Sponge bath – Boil 3 litres of water with 1 Confinement Herbal Bath sachet for 15-30 minutes. The longer you boil the sachet, the stronger the scent will be. Remove the sachet, wait for the water to cool to 37 °C, and use it for a sponge bath.

2. Body and hair wash – Boil 3 litres of water with 2 Confinement Herbal Bath sachets for 15-30 minutes. The longer you boil the sachet, the stronger the scent will be. Remove the sachet, adjust the water temperature to 37 °C with another 3 litres of water, and use it for washing your body and hair.

1. 抹身 —— 将3公升水加入装有1包药包的锅里,煮沸15至30分钟,煮得越久草药香味越浓。取出药包,让水达至适当温度(37 °C)后抹身。

2. 洗澡洗头发 —— 将3公升水加入装有2包药包的锅里,煮沸15至30分钟,煮得越久草药香味越浓。取出药包加入3公升温水至适当温度(37 °C)洗澡和洗头发。

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Package 配套

1 Box 1 盒, 2 Boxes 2盒, 4 Boxes 4盒, 8 Boxes 8盒 + Free 60pcs NDODO


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