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“Long sleeves + long pants confinement attire set suitable for pregnant and nursing mother. A must for a complete confinement month. Recommend to choose for a slightly loose compare to normal fitting, increase comfort and ease for breastfeeding.”
哺乳月子服,妈咪的月子武装必备。 建议穿得宽松一点,增加舒适性及方便哺乳。

Fabric 布料                       : Mixed Cotton 棉质
Colour 颜色                      : Pink 粉色
Size 尺码                           : L,XL,XXL


Detail-ViewConfinement Set
Round Collar Design 圆领设计

Confinement Set
Nursing Design 中间开哺乳口

Confinement Set
Cloth’s Pocket 衣服口袋

Confinement SetAdjustable 可调节裤头


maternity cloth

Size L 码数
Shoulder 肩宽 39 Sleeve Length 53 袖长 Chest 94 胸围 Belly 腹围 96 Length 衣长 65
Waist 腰围 84-104 Hips 臀围 110 Tight 大腿围 56 Leg Opening 裤脚围 30 Pant Length 95

Size XL 码数
Shoulder 肩宽 42 Sleeve Length 袖长 55 Chest 胸围 100 Belly 腹围 104 Length 衣长 67
Waist 腰围 84-106 Hips 臀围 116 Tight 大腿围 58 Leg Opening 裤脚围 30 Pant Length 97

Size XXL
Shoulder 肩宽 44 Sleeve Length 袖长 56 Chest 胸围 104 Belly 腹围 106 Length 衣长 68
Waist 腰围 94-114 Hips 臀围 118 Tight 大腿围 60 Leg Opening 裤脚围 32 Pant Length 99

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Weight 500 g

Size L, Size XL, Size XXL


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