Return Policy 换货说明

If you are not satisfied with your purchase (due to damage during shipment or wrong item/change size/change design/ etc), you can send it back to us for replacement.

  • Returns must be made within 7 days from the date of product received. Product replacement shipping cost shall be borne strictly by the buyer for both to and fro.
  • Under the condition where the product/s are qualified as product defective replacement, the buyer is responsible to return the product/s at the buyer’s own cost, the seller would only be responsible to send the replaced product/s to the buyer. The seller would only process the replacement once the defective product/s has returned to the seller by the buyer.
  • Damaged items must be returned together with their original box and receipt. (损坏或错误/瑕疵的物品/尺码退换/更换款式计等的物品必须与原包装箱退回。)
  • Conditions where replacement are not available (无法提供换货情况):
    1. Products have been washed, label cut, or goods being used. (商品已下水、剪标或使用过之商品。)
    2. Due to hygienic considerations, products such as underwear, bras, socks, and other personal clothing are not qualified for replacement, unless damage/spoil or product flaws.(内衣、 内裤、 袜子类等贴身衣物,为保障消费者个人卫生。除商品瑕疵外,貨物一經拆封、剪標,恕不接受換貨。)

Kindly inform Customer Service before returning the item otherwise the request will not be processed.

Please provide the return parcel tracking number for all items within 3 working days.

Q&A (你的问题)

How can I return my purchase? (如何退换?)

Kindly email your inquiry to with the subject “Return Item”. We will assist you as soon as possible.
Please allow 3 working days for your inquiry to be processed.
(请将您的询问通过电子邮件发送至,主题为“退换货品”。 我们将尽快协助您。

To make the process run smoother and faster, do email your inquiry with picture(s) of your item(s) & its condition, and your order number for record purpose.

How long will it take to receive my new item(s)? (我会在多久收到新的物品?)

Please allow a minimum of 7 working days from the date we receive your return package.(请从我们收到您的退货包裹之日算起至少7个工作日。)

I need more information about this. Who do I contact? (我需要更多咨询,可以跟谁联系?)

You can contact our customer service at 07-5623567 or email your inquiry to 
Our customer service will contact you during working days and hours.
(请 wahtsapp us at: +601128183842 或电邮, 我们的客服将会联系你。)