【VB103】VENUS B. Nursing Bra 《3D 魔力弹》 哺乳内衣


“A good elastic 3D nursing bra, can fit for B-D cup. One piece design, disappears under clothes. With massage bead design, mother will feel comfortable for long time wearing. A comfortable nursing bra can be worn starting from maternity time and all through nursing period. Highly recommended to all mother to-be.”
一款弹性好的3D 哺乳内衣,B-D罩杯不是问题。 一片式设计,无缝内侧,穿了就好像没穿。加上按摩颗粒,长时间穿着也感觉舒服。这款哺乳内衣合适孕期&哺乳期。强烈推荐给所有孕妈。

Fabric 布料                       : 85% 棉质 Cotton + 15% spandex
Colour 颜色                      : Purple 熏衣色
Size 尺码                           : 34B-D/75B-D , 36D-C/80B-D , 38B-D/85B-D , 40B-D/90B-D,42B-D/95B-D

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Nursing Bra                 Design for whole pregnancy + breastfeeding period

Nursing Bra Nursing Bra Nursing Bra Nursing Bra


maternity clothNursing Bra
COLOR OPTIONNursing Bra Nursing Bra Nursing Bra


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Weight 150 g

34B-D/75B-D, 36D-C/80B-D, 38B-D/85B-D, 40B-D/90B-D, 42B-D/95B-D


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